My Social Network for Mutual-aid and Saving

Atanwa, the financial mutual aid network


Are you looking for a mutual aid network to face all life's circumstances together?

You've come to the right place! Join Atanwa as soon as it opens!

The goal of the community is to join together by pooling money to help each member in significant moments of his or her life. Whether it's for an event in your life, for the financing of projects, or the collective purchase of real estate that brings in revenue, you can count on the strength of the network.

The larger the community, the stronger it will be. Join Atanwa from the opening, and sponsor your loved ones, for your shared interests.

Atanwa is currently under development.

We are progressing on the implementation and development of the website.

You can already register here to keep up to date with Atanwa's news. We will inform you of the progress, the opening date, and the great associated promotions.

See you soon for an upcoming opening.

Bob from Atanwa.


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